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Naming, Brand Identity

ScooDel is a food delivery service where all orders are delivered on scooters. A modern logo, bright colors, simple and intuitive app design, and much more - all this in one project.


The Viktoria Massage & SPA logo incorporates calming colors like white and greens and imagery that suggests relaxation and wellness, such as circles and leaves. The font choice is elegant yet approachable, conveying a sense of professionalism and expertise while still feeling welcoming to all customers.

Viktoria SPA logo.jpg

Marketing & Ads Design, Marketing Strategy, SMM

Chosen Rooter is a modern plumbing company based in San Francisco that provides high-quality services with an aspiration to grow its business via Internet. The main goal was to provide the company with a strong marketing strategy.


Naming & Logo, Marketing Strategy

FitSneak is a fictional project which aims to demonstrate creating a logo design and marketing strategy for a mass-market product. There are smart sneakers with built-in sensors that gather and collect information about the physical activity of a user. This information then can be analyzed and tracked via a specifically designed app. 



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